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Lecture 3

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York University
PSYC 2130
Ravi Naimpally

Lecture 3: Psychoanalysis - Copernicus -observed things and said that the earth is the not the center of the world, the sun is. -Newton: laws of gravitation -Voltaire and Rousseau: secular humanistic view of human nature (we can use out own tools to care about humans) were both passionate lovers -Mesmer: narcotic rich society women (use to make a lot of money from the animal magnetism tub) he also became demonized by religious authorities -Casanova: wrote about the dark side of (sex sleepy sex was a book about how to do nasty things lol) th 19 century -Victorian England: pleasure is sin -Darwin (natural selection, and reason we exist is that our ancestors populated.. by sex) sex is essential part of human nature -From Mesmer to Hypnosis (hypnosis began to get popular, mind seemed to be split somehow) -Charcot (interested in Hysteria- physical symptoms with no obvious organic cause) -Helmholtz (famous physician, revolutionizing discoveries about conversation of energy) -Steam engines ( Freud uses terms like hyrodlics and steam for humans) Converging historical factors -conflict about pleasure Sigmund Freud -essence of sex is just like any animal -perceived like Miley Cyrus -popular very quickly.. Because there was universal appeal of sexual aggression Psychoanalysis -both are hero’s.. who help slay the dragons of neurosis Freud’s Tripartite Psyche, and Anxiety -Chairot and the 2 horses -Id: beastly and dark part of us wants pleasure and aggression (a big part of anxiety, and out of control), oral is sucking and all pleasure comes from oral experience but babies can have trauma) if you don’t get enough or get too much u get fixated on this in the future) -Anal retentive… holding things in (like your poo) turns into controlling other people in future -or opposite is .. yeah Im pooing and not holding it in -Super-Ego (doing the right thing) moral anxiety (this is not right...I’m going to be a nun) -castration anxiety: first movement towards maturity (to develop conscious) -first ideal (im going to be great.. and win mom from dad for own pleasure) -Ego (is small, to navig
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