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Lecture 8

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York University
PSYC 2130
Ravi Naimpally

Week 8: Security -Mycenaean’s: Strife in the House of Atreus -Oedipus (cast him into wilderness to die. Cruelty of parents) -Virgin Mary (demand for mary, people wanted to worship her, communal love figure, who resurrected suffering hero -Freud: Psychosexual Development (Freuds followers rejected this and moved toward psychosocial) -if mother didn’t nurture properly you would be fixated -Oral (could be orally fixated if you didn’t get enough oral action when younger) related to security, have someone respond to you for the need of food -Neo (new) -Maslow (Higher needs are built upon..lower needs need to be fulfilled first before you more up) -Early needs for security not met, you have constant goal for connection -Stage of psychosocial Development -Erikson( preferred this social interpretation, not really sexual. -Basic trust (do people care about me) -Autonomy (do things on my own without being shameful..first time pooing in a potty by themselves) -Initiative (Learning to exercise power, to demand what you want. Try to get mom instead of the dad for example) -Industry (7-12, stage of developing competence, ex. Learning how to follow norms, to play soccer etc) -Identity (knowing who you are then know you’re conscious, and then learn how to love) -Intimacy (love and give back -Generativity ( -Integrity(old age, peace of mind stage, where you lived a good life, feel peaceful, balanced) -Karen Horney ( said that Parental difference is evil) -moving against (turning your back -Moving away from (I don’t need you you need me) -basic hostile to anxiety -Bowlby (ps
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