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Lecture 6

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PSYC 2130
Ravi Naimpally

Lecture 6: Desire -Approach-avoid is anxiety -Goal Theory -Murray talked about motives instead of drives -Pavlov -instead of bell there was shock but dog realizes after Lewin -Approach- approach conflict -double approach avoidance conflict -Activates both wanting and avoiding system Definition of a Goal -Goal is behavioural orientation to moves towards a goal even if there are obstacles -Discrepancy Reduction and the “Happiness of Pursuit” -compared (what I want) comparator (what you have) -goal shielding (ignore everything except the goal) -disengagement from a goal (move away from it) -Automatic (i.e., Unconscious) goals -Ziegarnik effect (you feel antsy because you don’t get to say what u had to say before the conversations gets pulled in another direction) -people primed with words like achieve and win want to stay on hard tasks but people who are primed with words like love, etc. want to move on the funnier tasks. -Mystery mood (when unconscious goal is blocked) feeling sad because of what happened earlier but you don’t know why -goal shielding (goal shielded by another goal that is more active in
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