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Lecture 3

Personality : Detailed Lecture THREE Notes and Film Notes

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Personality Lecture NotesProf Krista PhillipsLECTURE THREE Sept 21 2011 Psychoanalytic Structure and Process Chapters 10 and 11 very few psychologists have been influential and infomercial then Freud Carl Rogers humanistic psychologist gave us client center psychologistmainly for his dissatisfaction for Freuds theory he argues that psychoanalysis can hurt people and create harm and he gave the idea that when you look at the psychoanalytic situation its very structure creates a uneven balance between the doctor and patient and that kind of relationship can hurt the people The only thing that served in psychoanalysis is the needs that are met Joseph Wolpe father He said that there must be a more efficient and affective way to treat peoples symptoms then to make them come to therapy he came up with a direct approach that targeted the patients Freud is right or wrong Not the right question WHYHes been seriously criticized for so much of his concepts but is still accepted Frauds therapy model and his theory of personality served in a way that all should be served According to certain criteria A good theory in science allows for reason If we can resurrect Freud he would be upset about the orthodox Freudians Prof says he would be hanging out with the environmental psychologists Made huge contributions in abnormal and clinical psychologyThe Principle of Psychic determinism idea that all behavior are determined or caused by a pre seating mental event or psychological event Everything that happens is determined by a psychic eventDoes not conflict that behavior has a biological bias of behavior He tried to articulate the biological or neuro science was in the psychic determinism The idea is powerful that psychic events has caustic power there are not part of a chain reaction it has a caustic power within itself Nothing according to Freud was an accident Book the psychic analogy of everyday lifehas evidence of the psychic biological behavior Pathological functioning Also applies to pathological behavior according to Freud all symptoms the patients are faced with sexual biological or bodily is caused by another mental process Patients come thinking its foreign behavior Freud said that the connections are there and that its connecting them In psychology we make a distinction in overt observable and covert cannot be observed directly Principal of unconscious motivation based on the observation that certain mental events are simply more available to us then others Sometimes we can understand events in part of conscious events Freud was extremely interested in the thoughts that were in the unconscious He developed this interest in his work as a neurologist He did a lot of work in hypnosis and it was that work that was very crucial to his steps Freud has to treat patients with
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