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Lecture 4

Personality : Detailed Lecture FOUR Notes and Film Notes

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Personality Lecture NotesProf Krista PhillipsLECTURE FOURSept 28 2011 Neopsychoanalytic Perspectives Midterm Test 1 70 multiple choice10 from items per chapter 9 lecture items 1 film itemFreuds anal stage kind of central pleasure parents usually put restrictions on bladder and bowel control Conflict is between the need for pleasure that is obtained letting it go and it sees that the child self control Difficulties will develop anal character two types When the child has a difficult time they can show resistance That resistance can be of two forms they can arrive at the anal phase 1 Active resistance they say no or they just dont use it the child realizes that this kind of direct opposition can be used successfully has a means of social control kids develop what Freud calls the anal expulsive characterfixated at the first anal stage all about getting it out 2 Passive resistance involves holding it in Freud actually argues the pressure of holding it in can give pleasure to the child Retentive behavior character type ex accountant ages 45 the libido shifts and centers on the genital region Genital stage rudiment masturbation Most critical conflict childs unconscious wish to possess the opposite sex parent and to kill the same sex parent affection for the opposite sex and lust The male child firsts love is his mother becomes erotically charged and therefore becomes taboo Someone who stands in his wayhis father and regards him as some kind of rival and what to get rid of him Homicidal
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