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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 – Personality.docx

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Lecture 3Personality1172012 63800 AM 1Psychoanalytic Theory Historical overview Carl rogersone of the first to not agree with psychoanalysis saying that it could hurt people o said power balance can hurt people Wolpehad a problem with how low psychoanalysis tookWhy are we still talking about Freud o Freuds treatment stimulated further work Allowed for revision o People took Freuds ideas analyzed them and made them better o Made numerable contributions to psychology2Principle of psychic determinismovert behaviourcan be observed directly o covert behaviourcannot be observed directlyidea that all behaviour are determined by a preceding psychological or mental evento Causal powero Everything is caused by an underlined preceding wish Same principal applies to Normal and abnormal behaviouro Caused by another preceding mental process3Principle of unconscious motivationbased on the observation that certain mental content are more available to us than other we are aware of conscious material material which is not accessible to us also is a very potent cause of behaviouro unconscious material is often most influential Youseph Breuer worked with Freudo Hysteriaphysical complaints with no organic basiso Led up to development of psychoanalytical treatmento Women with hysteria were seen as malingering women who needed attentiono John CharcotFreud learned from Charcot how to hypnotize people Freud learned that these women were not faking their symptoms
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