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Lecture 4

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Lecture 4Personality1242012 64500 AM Sensual pleasure is derived from getting it out of the bodyAnal erotic stageconflictbetween need for pleasure that comes from eliminating feaces and social expectations that the child develops self control Muscle control becomes prototype for self control When you toilet train your they can actively resist by saying noo Child realized can a successful means of social control These children develop into anal expulsive charactersChild resists in a passive waythey hold it inFreud says this can be sensually pleasanto If holding it in is successfulit sets the stage for anal retentive characterAge 5libido shifts again interested in questions about sexuality how does the baby get outinterested in observing their genitalsgenitals of friends Masturbation activityFreud conflict in this stage is the last and most crucial o Unconscious wish to possess to opposite sex parent and unconscious will to kill the other parentOedipus complex opporates different for malesfemales o Boys first object of love is momHis love for his mother becomes erotically tenseand there for industrious in nature Daddy gets in the way of his life for his motherDaddy is a rivalhe would like to eliminatelittle boy is afraid his father will retaliateby age 5 they know females lack penises this suggests to the little boy that dad may retaliate by castrating himlittle boys think girls are castrated males when this happens enormous anxiety is inducedthis castration anxiety actually becomes stronger than the boys need to possess his motherboy gives up desireresolution to Oedipus complex entails two processes
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