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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Personality.docx

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

2142012 64500 AM Experimental psychologistsallows us to make statements about functional relationshipscauseeffect R ShepardSex differences in Spatial abilities Hans Eysenck noticed there was psychologist who looked at different kinds of questionseg Are there gender differences in mental rotation skillsAre there gender diff related to morality o He identified there as correlational psychologists look at how variables relate to one another Suggested that the two approaches integratebritish empiricismcorrelational studiesfirst to make an empirical study in psych o Steps1identify the major dimensions of personality 2devising an empirical means of measuring those dimensions of personalitythose measurement devises should be based on sound statistical procedureslink up meas Devises with personality psych would benefit with this type of integrationEyseneck on personality personality is a more or less stableenduring organization of a persons character temperament intellectphysique psychophysicalgenetic featureswhich determines his unique adjustment to the environment Eysencks criteria for identifying personality factors 1Psychometric evidence 2heritability 3Theoretical soundness4social relevance Factor analysis3 dimensional correlational method
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