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Lecture 9

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Lecture 9Personality 3132012 63000 AM Neotenyduring this period youngsters are dependent and human young must learn and be social Trait theorists study the responses people make on questionaires Those responses are taken as clues for an underlying traitBehaviourallearning approach begin t study by examining behaviour as sampleSigns versus samples Best way to study future behaviour is based on past behaviour Overt behaviourobservable behaviour VS Covert behaviourthings we cannot seethought wishwhatever inferences are made about covert behaviour they are always made on basis of observation of overt behaviourAccording to BL perspective personality is nothing more than an individuals learned behaviourlike residue of learned behaviour Personality is nothing more than an individual learned tendency that you have acquired through the experiences in your life Variety of BL perspectives which vary according toof dimensions but what ties them all together isminimal use of theoretical constructsminimal use of inferencesassessment direct observational presentoriented Dont look inside a person look outside by looking at the stimulienvironmentthe idea is that behaviour can be observed purely at an objective level by just looking at the person Skinner was a big champion of idiographic method studied individuals in enormous detailSechenovRussian psychologistsaid all associations bw eventsideas can be understood through reflexestheir psychological basisPAVLOVS experimentclassical conditioningDOG BELLFOODDROOLBELLDROOLshowed reflees can be associated with external thingsCCTemporal contiguityRepetition What is the different between the conditioned response and unconditioned response
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