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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 – Personality.docx

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York University
PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Lecture 10Personality3202012 55500 AM Are conditioning models helpful in understanding personality1Emotional Reactions attitudes preferences 2Emergencedissolution of action tendencies Personality theorists began to reconsider the usefulness of studying laboratory animalsacknowledgement that humans are social creaturesacceptance is a powerful reinforcement attention is important to us as childrengrownupshumans do not like to be dismissed we like to be attended to by other humanso sheer acknowledgement has a very strong rewarding propertysocial reinforcers do not act on terms of physical meansconcept of social reinforcement began to include the idea of self reinforcementtwo definitions o albert banduraif I study for 6 consecutive hours I will reward myself with a martinio react to you own actions with approval or disapproval just as you react to the actions of otherso powerful for explaining the maintenance of behaviours in the absence of a reinforcer or punishment you dont need to have you harsh critical father around to make you feel lousyConditioning model people have vicarious experiencesone that is experiences indirectlythrough somebody else it represents a second way in which human learning is socialo why Because it involves at least 2 peoplesone type of VEo 1vicarious emotional arousalempathyas a personality traitlooks like a normal distribution if emotion cannot be experienced personally VEA creates for classical conditioningbig possibilities for learningvicarious reinforcementsimple idea very powerful implications
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