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Lecture 3

PSYC 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Kinsey Reports, Naturalistic Observation, Longitudinal Study

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PSYC 2130
Frank Marchese

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A) Each researcher chooses a type of research suitable to theory and
goals of research
B) Case study suited for in-depth study of individual- a detailed
qualitative description of the individual
- yields useful hypothesis about relationships among phenomena
C) Correlational method suited for noting degree of relationship
between 2 variables
- ie. relationship between age and use of various psychological
D) Experimental method examines cause and e"ect
- ie. how amount of viewing TV violence a"ects amount of
aggressive behavior
Case study of aggression (pg 20,27) correlation of aggression and YV
viewing habits (micintyre/teevon) experimental study of viewing TV
violence and aggression
Research Methods:
1. Surveys – Kinsey sexual behavior
2. Case study – Freud, neurosis
3. Naturalistic Observation- Lerenz, ethology
4. cross-cultural comparison – Kohlberg, moral behavior
5. longitudinal study – piaget, cognitive change
6. cross sectional study - o’heron, sex role behavior
7. Experimental – Pavlov, conditioning
8. Correlational – mcclleland, achievement/motivation
Methods of study in psych:
1. Observational method: collection information about behaviour w/o
trying to change it
a) non-participant observation: ie studying children through a
one-way mirror
b) participant observation: ie. studying recruit behavior in boot
camp by going through boot camp yourself
2. Survey methods: collecting info about behavior through
questionnaires and surveys
- ie. the famous Kinsey report on sexual behavior, habits,
I. Observational methods in psychology
A. Naturalistic observation involves watching behaviors as they
occur naturally
1. Observer bias may occur
2. Behaviors may not occur when you are watching
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