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Lecture 4

Learning- Detailed notes from lecture FOUR!!

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PSYC 2210
Anthony Nield

Lecture 4 January 24 2012Operant Instrumental Cond Reinforcement Schedules Chapter 5 and 6 HIGHER ORDER CONDITIONING When we are using SS learning or SR learning we are sure we will have a response Light and the tone are considered sensory stimuliSensory pre conditioningyou present a light and tone together repeatedly and you have no idea whats going on hereHow many trials will it take to get a conditioned response then you take the tone paired with the shock and you test by flashing the light Long enough for condition to occur When you show the light you get a CR Reverse procedure of higher order conditionBoth involve taking stimuli that will have a response both involve conditioningMajor conditioned responses in real life are emotional responses depends on the stimuli It may not cause it but it was around for the emotion to occur IMMUNE STYSTEMstudy by ADEY research done by sunny brook hospital if you transplant an organ into a person kidney liver you need to suppress the immune system and one of the immune system suppressers is called CYCLOPHOSPHAMUDE Adey assigned CS sweet taste which caused sackeringUS immune suppressant drugIf you give them a sweet tasting drug the immune system was suppressed
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