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Lecture 5

Learning- Detailed notes from lecture FIVE!!

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York University
PSYC 2210
Anthony Nield

Lecture 5 January 31 2012 Operant Instrumental Conditioning Foundations Reinforcement SchedulesChapters 6 and 7PRIMARY REINFORCERS different foods have different reinforcing effects ie lasagna vs brussel sproutswater will be reinforcing if youre deprived of itie in the desert for daysFixedtime scheduleo Terminal behaviour occurs when animals are deprived and reinforcement is availableo Interim behaviour when animals are deprived and reinforcement WILL be available but not at that moment Applicable to people making jittery movements while passing time waiting for something to happen ex fathers waiting for their baby to be delivered and waiting for a buso Not a reinforcement schedule Response chaino Require a number of different behaviour Ex a rat pressing a bar to lower a bridge and then climb a ladder and thenetco Works backwards Thomaso Wanted to know if he could separate contiguity and contingencyo Used a fixedtime of 20 secondso Food arrived every 20 seconds if the rat did nothingo If rat pressed bar the rewardKilleno Used three lightsonly one would provide foodo There was a computer that would turn off a light at randomo o Pigeons were correct 90 of the timeMagazinetraining o There was a magazine that contained holes to provide food upon pressing ito o Magazine is a conditioned reinforcement Partial reinforcemento Instead of fixedtime schedule it operates on a fixedratio schedule Ex four presses to get foodo Postreinforcement Variable ratio scheduleo A very high response rateo Thinking if it doesnt work this time it will next time
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