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York University
PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

Psyc 2230 – Sept 10, 2013 SQ#R’s method – (S) Survey, (Q) Question- find out what is important in the readings answer the questions in the chapter being asked by the authors, (R) Read , (R) Recite, (R) Review. Chapter 1: Concepts and Measurement Datum of unconscious motivation -1. Dreams – dreams can be one of the ways we can realize the unconscious motivation of an individuals 2. Symptoms - watching someone’s symptoms can also allow one to come to hypothesis of a source of motivation 3. Slips of pen and tongue- we listen for slips or errors in speech. These can be quite revealing. Slips of pen and tongue. Most people have etiquette and once in a while a slip happens and this can be revealing. Parapraxys. 4. Jokes - Someone that knows you well can be aware of the topic of your jokes or the underlying intentions of your jokes. 5. Body language – observing body language. Conscious Motivation: Needs and motives will compete. Once a need is gratified its drop into the background and the next need arises. Figure Geometrical Perception. Extroverts- have chronic deprivation of arousal and seek it from the outside world. Introverts – get arousal from within. Cortex-RAS-Brain Stem -RAS- provides stimulation to the cortex. The extrovert does not get sufficient arousal to the cortex internally so they must compensate using the outside world. -The introvert has adequate RAS stimulation into the cortex. If they get too
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