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PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

Motivation NotesEvolution is changes and adaptations beneficial to personal and genetic survivalMotivation patterns of behaviour in the service of needs both physical and psychologicalRelationship between evolution and motivationEvolved motivational patterns act in the service of primary life processesMetabolism and reproduction are fundamental life processes that assist in the survival of the organism and its continuance through genetic transmissionThus the evolution of fundamental life processes act in convert with evolved motivational dispositions to assist the organism in personal and genetic survival Processes that benefit the organism and species tend to be preserved and are genetically transmitted over time benefit future offspring generationsMotivational dispositions are hierarchically organized as suggested by Maslow from basic fundamental biological needs of hunger thirst etc to higher level needs eg cognitive needs aesthetic needs self actualization needsNeeds at all levels of the hierarchy of needs motivate action which assist in the fulfillment of the individuals biological and psychological requirementsHumans live by bread but not exclusively by bread alone Humans are physical and metaphysical creaturesMotivation what is itMotivation is a concept used to describeaForces that initiate and direct behaviourbTo explain differences in intensity of behaviour more intensity is more motivationcTo understand direction of behaviour GOAL DIRECTEDdTo explain why behaviour occurs in one situation and not in otherseIncreases ability to predict behaviourII Measure of motivation Never measure directly but inferred on basis of what organism does following some manipulation pg 17AManipulate some stimulus condition and observe resulting behaviourbDeprive organism food and observe food seeking behaviourcMeasure hours without fooddeprivation and measure speed of running from start box to goal box in a mazedMotivation is a change in behaviour that occurs following deprivation it is inferred from behaviour before and after deprivationeMotivation is environmentally variable it comes between the stimulus and the response pg 17fMotivation serves to link the stimulus variable deprivation and the response variable speed of running pg 17
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