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PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

thPSYC2230A Lecture May 6 2014 Chapter 1 Motivation Concepts and Measurement 1 Concept of motivation M forces acting on or within an organism to initiate action p 4 Motivated behaviour B displays Intensity and PersistenceThe more motivated the more intensity and persistenceStopping is motivated to stop what you are doing and start other things2 Measurement of M Not measured directly manipulate stimulus S condition and observe behavioural response R see p 5The stimulus causes the responseEnforcement acts as a stimulusImpulse of repeating the same thing over and over againStimulus seekerdriven by novelty curiously manipulation and explorationBe there done thatWe infer motivation on what we do and what we observe intervening variablebetween stimulus change independent variable and response dependant variable A S is deprivation and speed of running in maze is R B Infer motivation from change in behaviour C Motivation is an intervening variable IV servers to link the S and R and as an IV it provides an explanation for the relationship between S and R see figures 11 and 12 p 5 D Motivation is a performance variable PV when enough is present B is performed3 Characteristics of motivation A activation as in the production of overt and convert behaviour p 6increase respiration increase blood pressure change in heart rate convert behaviourarousal lie detectorpeople decollation people constriction partly overt and convertpsychotropic skin responsethinking is convert internal and overt observableEEGbrain wave level of arousalParadoxical sleepgenerate brain wave similar to wave while awake Hyperactive brain is active while asleep B Persistence as in ongoing performance of BType A personalityPerfectionistObsessiveCompressivePoor emotional controlType B better emotional adaptation C Vigor as in forceful behavior D Direction as in which choice of goal is made Measure direction in terms of preference test of possible choices p 7 Page 1 of 4
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