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PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

ndPSYC2230 Lecture May 22 2014 9 Attachment Maternal deprivation due to absence or inconsistent care for mothering provides a rich source of stimulation as Harlows research on maternal deprivation with rhesus monkeys revealed a The motherinfant attachment is lifelong and is a derived motive that is based on closeness and attention to need reductionWith surrogates cloth and wire the wire feeding the monkey the monkey preferred to spend contact comfort time with the cloth surrogate Harlow concluded that contact comfort forms the basis of attachment along with lactation temperature and rocking movement However the surrogate reared animals showed abnormalities b There may be a critical period for normal development since isolation from birth to three months is reversible but beyond three months to six months and the monkeys showed lifelong disturbance such as fixed staring rocking pacing compulsive habits of chewing or tearing at their own bodies and an abnormal fear of other monkeys p 216217 c Female isolated monkeys at sexual maturity would not mate and behaved viciously if approached by a normal male d Monkeys raised with their mothers and isolated from other monkeys developed abnormally p 217 10 Protest despair Detachment and Ambivalence a Children upon separation from parents go through a set of four predictable behaviours following separation Bowlby documents i
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