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PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

thPSYC2230A Lecture May 13 2014 Chapter 1 9 Evolution and Motivation two life processes reproduction and metabolism characterize lifeThe maintenance of life through metabolism allows the organism to live long enough to reproduce and primary motiveAll motives physical and psychological serve to maintain life in order to increase the chances of reproductionthe representation of ones genes in the next generation p 21 22 25 1 Primary Operating Principle POP Reproduction is the POP and various motives serve to increase likelihood of this POP occurring successfully As Dawkins 1986 said living organisms exist for the benefit of DNA and thus the organism is a receptacle that allows genetic information to be stored and passed on through reproduction a Mitosisasexual reproduction no partner necessary b Meiosissexual reproduction partner necessary and new organism has DNA from both parentsThe survival of each partners DNA is dependent on reproduction c Meiosis produces a recombination of genes and thus offspring possess a greater diversity of genesThis allows for repair of genetic information for dominant gene to cover a recessive feature and for beneficial mutations10 Evolution the progressive change in organisms across time Developed
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