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Motivation-detailed lecture TWO

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PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

LECTURE TWO Sept 16 2011 EMOTIONS I A lot of emotions people have are not very rational ex Road rage defense mechanism overly stressed over reacted due to frustration depressed helplessness feeling of lost of control and wanting to control the situation People even give up their lives suicide Reaction formation people who over reacted and think they can overpower the other personOur nervous system is divided into sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous systemSympathetic nervous system ex Bear or a gunman coming into the classroom increases the heart rate and get terrified In time of emergency youre not thinking of food but the preservation of lifeYour concentration is focused on what to do to surviveParasympathetic nervous system helps you to recover from that situationDifference in theories and dont pay attention to cognitionJames Lange Theory 1885 advocates that as a result of bodily responses to the object bear feelings of emotion fear occur immediately after the percept
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