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Lecture 3

Motivation-detailed lecture THREE notes!!!

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York University
PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

LECTURE THREE Sept 23 2011Physiological Needs We need food growth and too feel well if we are deprived of something we dont feel normal They are necessities for us to maintain life Wellbeing is maintained and enhanced so we feel good If your need is neglected or frustrated it will produce damage and disrupts well being Three physiological needs hunger sex and thirstTake about three years for your weight to be satisfied 15 18 gain back their weight since people get discouraged and their body slows down People exercise to a certain point which is how they lose it in the first place Overweight people are more sensitive to certain ques even smell Normal people are more sensitive internally Overweight people will eat even thought they already ate but normal people may not eat after a large meal In the united states 60 of people are overweight Why is our body so complicated Evolutionary reason for itBecause e
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