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Lecture 4

Motivation-detailed lecture FOUR notes!!!

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York University
PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

LECTURE FOUR September 30 2011Social Needs Chapter 7Competency is important to achievement since it shows you doing something at different levels and excelling in them Ex Levels of belts you get in karate Affiliation ex Being someones friend you dont attack them you be friendly and get to know them so they approve you being their friend Atkinsons modelYou want to predict whether your going to achieve your goal or notIncentive value is 1 PsPsPf1 so the incentive is 1 PfPf 1 Ps and Ps 1PfYou can predict the motivation Example You are buying a lottery ticket if the lottery ticket is what you want to achieve So the motivation is very high but the probability is very small Your probability is very small so 1 millions The incentive is big because your chances are very small So therefore its going to be Ta 1 x 1millions x a big number so the general idea is whether its a big number or small number your chances of success According to the model
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