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Motivation-detailed lecture SIX notes!!!

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PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

LECTURE 6 October 28 2011Personal Control Beliefs Chapter 9Film Rational Emotive Therapy o Cognitive approach to motivation the way we think and by changing the way we think so we have control we can have a successful life If we have a lot of negative or unproductive thoughts we will not have a successful lifeo About Albert Ellis and his rational emotive therapyrationally emotionally upset and you can change your way of thinking and therefore be successful His not a attractive guy and telling us his experience hes short skinny with glasses He had fears of public speaking since girls have rejected him a lot when he was youngero Philosophy and social thinking o He has been known as the grandfather of social thinking o RET Our thinking affects our behavior is what he believed to be true o we disturb ourselveso musturbationwe tell ourselves what is rightthe world must behave the way you want it to behaveo you control largely our own motivation and you have the power to change yourselfo Helps y
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