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Lecture 2

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York University
PSYC 2230
Frank Marchese

Lecture 2Motivation 1162012 62300 AM EvolutionMotivation Relationship what is evolutionChanges and adaptations beneficial to personalgenetic survivalProgressive changes What is motivationPatterns of behaviour in the service of needs both physical and psychological o Serves physicalpsychological requirementsAdaptive pattern beneficial evolvedServe our survival insistencePatterns of behaviour directed to our goals that serve our needshow are the two relatedA evolved motivational patterns act in the service of primary life processesB metabolism and reproduction are fundamental life processes that assist in the survival of the organism and its continuance through genetic transmissiono Parent is represented in the child biologically and psychologically Freud called this the super ego ones personal conscience is initially the internalization of parents rules norms standardso Through process of socialization we teach our kids about our norms beliefsHow free are weWe didnt determine our biological self to what extent do we determine our psychological self Thus evolution of fundamental life process act in concert with evolved motivational dispositions to assist the organism in personal and genetic survival Processes that benefit the organism and species tend to be preserved and are genetically transmitted over time benefit future offspring generationsPersonal survival survival of individual as individualGenetic survival representationsurvival of individual as heshe is represented biologicaly in the next generationSelf preservation motivemotive to survive personallyspecies preservation motivemotive to survive genetically Nature vs nurtureWilliam Shelder Body typeo EndomorphLarger no muscle
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