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Lecture 2

Biological Basis of Behaviour: Lecture 2 notes!!

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Lecture 2 January 11 2012Nerve Cells and Nerve Impulses Chapter 2Puffer Fish is edible it is a delicacy in japan and each year 100200 people die from eating it Not prepared properly would be dangerous since it contains toxins called tetrodotoxin They block sodium channels which makes your heart stop and you cant breathe and you die very fastThe poison has a lot to do with the nervous systemMore glia then neurons in our brains percentage is 1050 to 1 neuronCentral nervous system and cerebral cortex 12 to 15 billion neurons cerebellum 70 billion neurons spinal cord 1 billion neurons Long time ago scientists had trouble since they didnt have microscopes at the time they thought the nerves were all tangled up together didnt think they had individual cells Membrane lipids expanded in saline water On the head and tail are always oriented in the same direction in which proteins are in the channels proteins two layersthe reason they go in between is because they are hydrophobic hydrophilic head and tails Nucle
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