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Lecture 3

Biological Basis of Behaviour: Lecture 3 notes!!

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York University
PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Lecture 3 January 18 2012Synapses Chapter 3Q drugs that affect behavior must somehow cross the blood brain barrier What can we infer and the nature of these drugs A we must have fatsoluble substances cause in the rest of our body the cells usually open so that molecules can go through but because of the blood brain barrier only certain can Q Suppose that the threshold of a neuron were the same as its resting potential What would happen A the cell would produce action potential spontaneously limited only by the refractory period of the axonQ If a drug blocks a membranes potassium channels how does it affects the action potential A The Concept of the Synapse The reflect arc is the automatic muscular response in our body In the skin theres the muscle so the sensation goes to the brain and then the brain comes back and moves the motor neuron which is the reflect arcThis is automatic usually but it can be voluntary Sherringtons three important points1 When you require more then one neuron with a synapse it takes longer to go through 2If you eat several neurons several synaps
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