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Lecture 4

Biological Basis of Behaviour: Lecture 4 notes!!

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York University
PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

Lecture4 January 24 2012Anatomy of the Nervous SystemVIDEO Robort Sapolsky why does zebra get housesTest100 mc 2 hoursCNS is brain and spinal cord and PNS is everything elseIn psychology we are mainly looking at the brain and spinal cordRidged barrier that protects our brain underneath our skull the bone part underneath there is a layer called the Dura mater thick membrane that covers the cortex Cerebral spinal fluid acts like a shock absorber since the brain is very soft like jello Three layer Dura mater arachnoid and pla mater covering the cortex all of this is in fluid which goes in spinal cord In open head surgery the skull is taken out its like a bowl If the bone is cracked or smashed they put a silver plate in which your skin grows over it very strange feeling very mushyOuter part of the spinal cord white matter because its covered by the myelin sheath which is a lot of fat layers that is whiteInside is the cell body which had more axons which is why its whiteDorso means the back Ventral menas the stomachSpinal cord has different regions 1 Neck to the brain called cervical 2 Thezic is the ribs 3lumber
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