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Chapter 8: Thinking & Language

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PSYC 2510
Agnieszka Kopinska

Chapter 8: Thinking & Language Monday, November 21, 20112:15 PM Language Acquisition - Infants: ○ 2 months-- attend more to speech sounds than non-speech sounds ○ 3-4 months-- can distinguish phonemes from all language (ability lost after 4 months) ○ 7.5 months-- recognize some words ○ 10-13 months-- uses words Language Progression - Babbling - One word ○ Fast mapping - Two words - Three words ○ Over-regularizations - Simple sentences and plurals - Four- and five-word sentences - Complex syntax - Metalinguistic awareness Using Words - Vocabulary: 3-50 words by 18 months - Expressive vocab < Receptive vocab - Vocabulary spurt: 18-24 months ○ Fast mapping-- child associates a word with a concept after only 1 exposure Errors in speech - Over-extension-- incorrect generalization of a word to other similar objects or actions - Under-extension-- use of a word to describe a narrower set of objects than it intended Combining words - Telegraphic speech - Use of plural and past tense - Often results in over-regularization ○ Incorrectly generalizing a rule to an irregular case - Achieve metalinguistic awareness
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