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York University
PSYC 2510
Agnieszka Kopinska

Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion Monday, January 09, 12:00 PM Motivation - Motivation-- the drive or reason for goal-directed behavior - Required for any change to occur ○ Motivational interviewing Drive Theories - Clark Hull ○ Behavior is motivated by a drive to return to homeostasis (stability) ○ Focus is on internal states ○ Cannot explain all human motivation Incentive Theories - External reward increases motivation ○ Money, food, prestige - Expectancy-value models ○ Expectancy-- likelihood that you will obtain the incentive ○ Value-- the desirability of the incentive EvolutionaryTheories - We do things that increase the chance that our genes will be passed on - Therefore, desirable behaviors are adaptive - We all share the same biologicalmotives - Our social motives differ from person to person Motivational Interviewing - Therapeutic techniqueused to increase clients' own motivation to change - Motivation to change is crucial to benefit from treatment ○ Pioneered in substance use treatment ○ Useful with offending populations Hunger and Eating - Biologicalfactors ○ Brain regulation(Hypothalamus)  Lateral hypothalamus  Ventromedial nucleus  Paraventricular nucleus  Neural pathways & neurotransmitters □ Ghrelin ○ Glucose and digestive regulation ○ Hormonal regulation  Insulin  Leptin - Environmental factors ○ Food avail
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