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Lecture 3

PSYC 3031 Lecture 3: LECTURE 3 - JANUARY 24TH 2017

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PSYC 3031
Christopher Green

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LECTURE 3 – JANUARY 24 2017H -LOOK AT DATA BEFORE ANALYZING, stats methods can only tell you very specific things -only by looking at it visually, you become very familiar with it + know it, including which statistical techniques that might be appropriate + valuable to use -using graphs are great – esp grouped histogram -data “smoothing” -sometimes you don’t want smoothing to make a point -can we combine accuracy of raw data and simplicity of visual data? Yes -use stem + leaf plot -can look at more than 2 groups with pie charts – terrible for data display -bar charts are better -stacked bar charts for info within bars -Box and Whisker: Q1 and Q4 is 1.5xIQR -need number line or its useless -scatterplots with trendlines -scatterplots appear simple but can be deceptively complicated, relationship you see may not be generated by the variables you think you are studying (confounds) -beware of making snap judgments about relationship between variables, especially causal ones, on the basis of simple scatte
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