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Lecture 5

PSYC 3090 Lecture 5: LECTURE 5 - OCTOBER 18TH 2016

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PSYC 3090
Krista Trobst

LECTURE 5 – OCTOBER 18 2016TH Intelligence – multifaceted capacity that includes several things -not limited to this description -lay public study found that experts include motivation + interpersonal intelligence -people have different expectations of intelligence at different stages of development -francis galton started with heritability of intelligence -eugenics, sensorimotor tests to measure his definition of intelligence -alfred binet defined various components of intelligence, criticized cause we need more complex measurements of intellectual ability -Wechsler thought it was capacity for individual to act purposefully -best way to measure intelligence was to measure several qualitatively differentiable abilities -Piaget saw intelligence as evolving biological adaptation and interaction with environment, focused on children -schema – mental structure -learning happens through assimilation – active organization of new information into existing schema -and accommodation, adjustment of existing schema to new information -4 stages of cognitive development -interactionism: mechanism by which heredity and environment presumed to interest and influence the development of intelligence Factor Analytic Theories -focus on identify ability or groups of abilities -factor analysis – determine existence of underlying relationships between sets of variables -spearman – general intelligence factor (g) and specific factors (s) -group factors: intermediate class of factors common to a group of activities but not all -Horn + Cattell – crystallized intelligence and fluid intelligence -Carroll – three stratum theory of cognitive abilities What is Intelligence? -Information-processing theories: focusing on identifying the specific mental processes that constitute intell
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