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Lecture 3

PSYC 3125 Lecture 3: LECTURE 3 - JANUARY 23RD 2017

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York University
PSYC 3125
Kate Harper

LECTURE 3 – JANUARY 23 RD 2017 How do we shape ourselves? -language we use to describe ourselves -psychological practices we use -what technologies of the self we have -practices that allow us to shape, change, regulate ourselves to achieve our goals of happiness, health etc Questions to focus on: How did the mind become an object of scientific study? What were the objections + advantages of this? What methods/approaches were considered scientific? Were their alternatives? What were they? How did social/cultural contexts shape the emergence of research practices? Immanuel Kant -reality inside the human mind, and reality outside/independent of it -external = noumenal world – can’t ever be known directly, we always encounter it through our own perceptions/senses/activity of mind -internal = phenomenal world – when noumenal world enters the mind -time + space called intuitions -our mind organizes the world this way, it is not necessarily this way -mental phenomena have no physical existence, not open to observations and cannot be experimentally manipulated/understood mathematically -cannot
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