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Lecture 2

PSYC 3125 Lecture 2: LECTURE 2 - JANURARY 16TH 2017

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York University
PSYC 3125
Kate Harper

Lecture 2 – Janurary 16 2017 Origins of scientific psychology -philosophy, physiology + evolutionary thinking Philosophy Rene Descartes -mind-body dualism: soul (mind) is distinct from the body. The mind cannot be reduced to materiality and mechanics. The body (including many mental functions) can be understood in naturalistic terms -higher mental processes for god/divine John Locke -tabula rasa, blank slate, all knowledge through experience, complex ideas built up from simple ones -leibniz believed we had certain innate things -“associationist” and “empiricist” Physiology Hermann von Helmholtz -vitalism: some phenomena can only be explained with reference to a force that exists outside the natural processes of the body -mechanism: all natural phenomena can be explained in terms of the causal interactions among material particles Evolutionary Thinking -argument from design: argues for the existence of God based on the observation that there are certain organs, such as the mammalian eye, that are so complex and perfectly adapted for a particular function that nothing except an all-knowing creator could have designed them -Lamarcks theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics -Darwin and Wallace 2 Importance Observations -nature presents us with an incredible variable of form both within and between species -many of these variations in form seemed to have specific value in different circumstances Implications for psychology -comparative psychology -individual differences -eugenics -fun
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