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Alexandra Rutherford

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indiginization To what extent do psychologists become 'servants of the state' - and to what extent are they liberators ? -Liberate person from deterministic view -Black psychology: - feminist/ anti-colonial psychology -active goal of colonizers: destroy old culture, create a new culture in that best serves the colonizers. -in post wwII era, with the decolonization movement led to societies regaining their culture "Third world" was coined by french social scientists 'third way'(alternative) to capitalism and communism USA : sets up IMF,WORLD BANK ETC - "to help under-developed countries to achieve development" - binding /winning allegiance to the donor country Modernization Theory: Traditional societies and modern societies are on opposite ends of a developmental trajectory, where modern societies are more fully developed (socially, politically, and economically). -SO aid programs are "designed" to 'turn developing countries into modern worlds' bandung conference: reaction against cold war polarization ( like the non-aligned movement ) Non alligned movment: -emphasis on education(scientific education) as a root to modernity - their older education systems were either non-existent or made by the colonizers - solution: many people would go out and learn internationally to bring back knowledge to the home country - so theme: bringing back ideas from other places, establishing of sciences such as psy\ychology in these local post-colonial countries - even if they had psychology: it was a colonial psychology, so they would end up changing their psychology - realization: none of the importations work on their own, seems there is need to combine ideas,methods etc - i.e. theories, methods may not apply in indian context - i.e. Freud and boso conversation about indian psychology Sinha: Indigenous psychology ELISA You are the chair of psychology dept. in this 'country x' Des
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