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York University
PSYC 3140
Michael Luther

The Psychology of Terror: Gangs and Terrorists 1970 FLQ Crisis: Bombing in Quebec; Bombing and Hostages. Trudeau had "army" take over Quebec. October Crisis: Trudeau had FLQ members arrested. Paul Rose, a member of the FLQ became a professor. How do Gangs and Terrorist Threaten us? Prehistory of Gangs  Senegal chimps --> monkey wars fighting for territory. Try to drive/kill other species of monkey for sport.  Monkey Wars  Tribes/Territoriality  Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons: fighting for caves  Desmond Morris' "Killer Ape"  J.B. Calhoun Behavioral sink --> testing population density multiple entry way (rooms 1&2) only one in (3&4) more rats preferred being in 1&2 but overpopulation lead to a significant increase self inflicted injury, rape and murder (Bettelheim, Frankl, Miller Psychosis)  Tomkins and Script Theory --> what they say about each other History of Gangs:  Gangs of New York (1860) Gangs of New York Video: Irish vs. Americans; brutal battle Gangs traditionally have ethnic armies. (Some groups , however, may feed on their own group)  Hitler's Brown Shirts --> Munich ; leaflets, free beer. SS --> tough street people (job to ride Germany of Foreigners) Beer Hall Putsch --> Hitler was arrested. In prison Hitler Wrote Mein Kampf. Such a plan = "script" Hitler and Freud Video: Freud doesn't take Hitler serious enough. Freud had no position on politics and he didn't care. Freud's ideas lived on while Hitler's dwindled. Always a large threat of History repeating itself.  The Beaches Nazi Gang --> Balmy Beach Swastika Club  The Christie Pits Riots --> Race Riot when Nazi Beaches gang (1933) Italian team vs. Jewish Team, came down tried to disrupt the baseball game.  The Hell's Angels  Phalangists --> Lebanese Christians; now that the Palestinian army has left, they decided to murder Palestinian persons. Munich --> 1970 war Palestinians vs. Jordan (not in Munich)--> 1972 Kidnapped and killed Israeli athletes. 1972-1982 --> Hunt down Black September; 1982 invasion of Lebanon to take Black September. Lebanese War/Massacre video: A wall to the bashir. 2 israeli soldiers --> repressed their experience. Stress Histeria. 2 soldiers wish they werren't there. Phalangists escaped. Dumped babies in garbadge cans. Lots of innocent casualties  Hutu Interhamwe --> t
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