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Joel Goldberg

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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE: FEBRUARY 5 , 2013 ➔ Somatization Disorder ◦ Recurring multiple somatic complaints with no known physical cause ◦ Most empirical (DSMII) – least practical ◦ Earlier versions of the DSM – criteria for diagnosis: 13/35 symptoms ◦ Most expensive because people with this are found in emergency rooms but they pass all medical examinations no known physical cause of symptoms ◦ Not practical for doctors to memorize 35 symptoms ◦ Revised DSM-IV: ▪ 4 pain symptoms in different locations • 2 gastrointestinal symptoms (ex. diarrhea or vomiting) • 1 sexual/genital/reproductive symptom (ex. erectile dysfunction) • 1 pseudo neurological symptom (ex. numbness) ◦ Clicker ▪ With MMPI -high 1 and 3 (54% of the clinic group) answer: chronic pain and bodily focus ◦ Clicker ▪ 23% of the clinical group with no peak scores (except) most likely reflects: depression ◦ Clicker ▪ 5% of the clinical group with a peak score on scale F, and other elevations, reflects: invalid ▪ Endorsement of any abnormalities, causing an invalid profile ➔ Pain Clinic – MMPI Profiles ◦ Pain disorder – chronic pain – 54% ◦ Normal – ignoring emotional concerns – 23% ◦ Depression – 18% ◦ Over-endorsement of psychopathology – invalid – 5% ➔ Dissociative Identity Disorder ◦ Controversial Condition – “Multiple Personality Disorder” ◦ Not schizophrenia ◦ Herschel Walker ▪ Teased as a youngster – overweight, speech impediment ▪ Football star – running back ▪ Heisman trophy winner ➔ Anxiety ◦ Perhaps the most basic psychopathological symptom ◦ Object vs. Neurotic Anxiety ◦ Neurotic Anxiety – out of proportion to the threat ◦ Objective Anxiety – realistic – “Only a foolish optimist would deny the dark realities of the moment” ◦ Basic anxiety symptoms are evident in the condition – panic disorder ◦ Dr. Norman Endler (1931-2004) ▪ Born and raised in Montreal ▪ Became Chain of Department of Psychology at York University ▪ CPA award – 1997 ▪ Person-Situation Interactional Model of Anxiety ▪ Created the EMAS test – Endler Manifest Anxiety Scale ▪ Disclosed his own personal battle with mental illness ▪ Treated effectively with ECT (electro convulsive therapy) ▪ Wrote Holiday of Darkness about his story ➔ Coping Mechanisms ◦ Ego defenses in psychodynamic terms ◦ Anna Freud discussed ego defenses (not Sigmund) ▪ Repression – most basic – not remembering painful aspects
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