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Lecture 3

PSYC 3140 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Telepathy, Psychological Testing, Observational ErrorPremium

4 pages54 viewsWinter 2018

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PSYC 3140
Jennifer Lewin

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Abnormal Lecture 3
Behaviour therapy - systematic application of learning principles and techniques to assess and
improve individuals behaviours to improve functioning
Some interventions:
Positive reinforcement
Role play
Systematic desensitization - make people learn how to be completely relaxed then when
the fear is imagined during a relaxed state - you’re not going to be as scared of the fear
Token economy and shaping - used on those in inpatient wards
Social skills training
To change a behaviour:
Functional Assessment - ABC Model - usually done on kids
Antecedents: the cues or triggers that elicit behaviour
Behaviour: the problem behaviour
Consequences: events that maintain behaviour - increasing or decreasing it
Senario from Lecture slides:
Antecedents: boredom, notifications, wifi availability, attendance requirement
Behaviour: using the internet in class
Consequences : no punishment for using it, makes people stay connected with others online,
prof doesn’t do anything
Solution? - prof makes the class more interesting, block wifi access, participation is worth marks
so people will use it less and be more involved, make group tasks to make students interact
rather than sit there, have short breaks to make students refreshed
Cognitive Paradigm
Theory of Psychopathology - dysfunctional cognitive set is responsible for the development of
the disorder
Ex: Depression caused by this dysfunctional cognitive set of hopelessness
3 factors:
How you view yourself - i am hopeless
How you view the world - the world is a cruel place
How you view the future- future looks dull
- These views define your cognitions
- Need to be able to change these cognitions to prevent disorder
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