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Lecture 5

Abnormal psychology 3230 - lecture 5.docx

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PSYC 3140
James Alcock

thFebruary 4 2013 Tahreem Mahmood Lecture 5Abnormal Psychology Psych 3230 Anxiety DisordersWhat is FearFear abrupt unpleasant central nervous system response for immediate action to respond to actual threat or danger When frightened the sympathetic division of ANS triggers action in a variety of organs and glands to help us survive in the face of dangerThe fight or flight responseFear may be triggered by information from the outside world even before we are consciously aware of that is causing fearo Egwalking through the woods Your brain picks up the rustling of leaves or the presence of a long slender object on the groundo Before this information reaches the cortex it goes to the amygdala which puts the nervous system into alarm modeo Later cortex decides whether object really is a snake
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