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Somatic and Stress Disorders

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Lecture:  Somatization Disorder o Recurring multiple somatic complaints with no known physical cause o Most empirical (DSM-III) –Least practical o Earlier versions of DSM –listed 35 symptoms- criteria for diagnosis was 13 out of 35 o Revised for DSM-IV o 4 pain symptoms in different locations, 2 gasto-intestinal symptoms (diarrhea, vomiting), 1 sexual/ genital/reproductive symptoms (excessive menstrual bleeding, erectile dysfunction), 1 pseudo-neurological symptoms (numbness)  Pain Clinic: MMPI profiles o Pain disorder-Chronic Pain-54% o Normal- ignoring emotional concerns- 23% o Depression- 18% o Over-endorsement of Psychopathology-Invalid 5%  Dissociative Identity Disorder: controversial condition “Multiple Personality Disorder” o Not schizophrenia  Herschel Walker, teased as a youngster-overweight-speech impediment o Football Star-running back o Heisman Trophy winner Anxiety:  Perhaps the most basic psychopathology symptom  Objective versus Neurotic anxiety  Neurotic anxiety- out of proportion to the threat  “only thing we have to fear is fear itself “ US President FDR-1932 inaugural address  ‘objective anxiety –realistic- “only a foolish optimist would deny the dark realities of the moment”  Basic symptoms are evident in the condition : Panic Disorder  Norman Endler o Born and raised in Montreal, Undergrad at McGill, PhD from University of Illinois o Became chair of Dept of Psychology at York University, CPA award in 1997. o Person-Situation Interactional Model of Anxiety o Created the EMAS test- Endler Manifest Anxiety Scale o Disclosed his own personal battle with mental illness o Treated effecti
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