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Schizophrenia Lecture

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Lecture: Schizophrenia  John Nash: o Book and movie “A Beautiful mind” o Nobel Prize in Economics -1994 o Developed mathematical game theory 1949, age 21 o Later onset of schizophrenia o Developed the game “hex” o Princeton gave him an honorary title  Visual hallucinations are not very common in schizophrenia, unlike the movie depicted  Paranoia, misinterpretation of events  Age of onset is generally late teens and early 20’s  Michael Smith: o Canadian, born in England. Professor at UofBC o Initially struggled in school, B average as undergrad o Nobel Prize in chemistry o Donated half of his prize to schizophrenia research o The other half to teaching women in high school sciences o His son had schizophrenia  Arvid Carlsson o Born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1923 o A pharmacologist o He won Novel Prize in 2000 for medicine/physiology o Developed the “dopamine theory of schizophrenia” o Helped understand the role of dopamine in the development of extrapyramidal side- effects of antipsychotic medications  Schizophrenia is a serious disability  Positive symptoms: things that are there but really shouldn’t be there o Hallucinations  Voices: voices commenting or voices conversing o Delusions  Such as paranoia o Disorganized Behaviour o Disorganized thoughts and speech  Negative symptoms: things that aren’t there but should be there o Affective flattening: monotone o Alogia: not talking, says very little o Avolition: no will-power  Not everyone with schizophrenia has auditory hallucinations  Catatonic Schizophrenia o Waxy flexibility- behaviour rather than a symptom Social Dysfunction:  Impaired social skills  Most frequent/common: o Has few hobbies o Few friends o Underactive o Lacks initiative  Most difficult: o Has unusual beliefs o Hears voices o Doesn’t take medications regularly
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