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Assessment 2

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Joel Goldberg

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-Axis II- persistent conditions -Axis III-medical conditions -psychologists don’t diagnose these conditions, work with specific person to see what condition -Axis IV- Psychosocial stressors -Axis I would be depression, Axis IV- someone lost their job -high BP, high HR, stressed -Axis V- level of functioning -a scale from 0-100 looking at level of adaptive functioning -100 is someone who is perfect in every way -0 is almost like someone without a pulse -co-morbidity is having a disorder on more than on level, more than one disorder -duel diagnosis- when you have an axis I disorder and have an axis II disorder like mental retardation (axis II) -the mix -just mental retardation and a mental health problem -concurrent disorders- addictions with both drug addiction and depressed Canadian Historical Moment- NFB Film: Beautiful Dreamers -Poet Walk Whitman visits London Ontario Asylum for the Insane (1880) -Hospital medical superintendent: Dr. Maurice Bucke -had has a mental disability himself, physical handicap with gait -he was very sensitive to humani
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