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Assessment Lecture

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Joel Goldberg

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Lecture: Chapter 4- Assessment  Scale 5: Same items for men and women, but scaled in opposite directions o A high score for a woman on a scale 5 is a macho, aggressive woman, a low score would be hyper-feminine, passive o A high score for a man is passive and artistic, a low score is macho and aggressive o Basically whatever is the counterpart of the sex stereotype is the high score.  Scale 6: Paranoia Scale o Confrontational attitude, paranoid. Higher score is more suspicious and mistrusting  Scale 7: Psychasthenia. (no longer called this) a worrying scale. o Apprehensive  Scale 8: schizophrenia o Delusional thinking, sense of being detached  Scale 9: hypomania o If someone is having a bipolar episode probably wouldn’t be able to do a survey o With a high score: Do a lot of activity, not a lot of productivity  Scale 0: o High score is extroverted, low score is introverted  le A: anxiety o First order factor of test o Main thing it measures is maladjustment  Scale R: repression o How defensive is the person? How are they coping?  Scale ES: Ego Strength o If ego strength is low they need more support  Scale MAC: McAndrews o Addiction scale. o High score has problem usually with alcohol, sometimes with drugs  First thing you look at is the validity, what was their test taking attitude?
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