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Jan 14 - Lecture 2.docx

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

th Psyc 3140 – Lecture 2 – Jan 14 , 2014 Chapter 5 will not be quizzed on. Chapter 1,2,3,4. Will be on the test Review? Symptoms of psychosis decribed in the interview -though broadcasting -ideas of reference -auditory hallucinations -paranoid delusions Transinstitutionalization (Hospital-----Jail) -efforts to protect the rights of the mentally ill can unfortunately result at times in individuals being incarcerated in jails instead of… Case Vignette Teenage girl admitted to hospital for a 30-day forensic (psycho-legal) psychiatric assessment. Dangers of Labelling: -Rosenhan (1973) on Being in Insane Places Issues: 1. Carless diagnostic practices- lack of follow-up to re-confirm condition 2. Criticism of staff contact –need to humanize treatment. Vignette – Student Therapist -Issue: Do you need to give a diagnosis? : Paul Meehl: -1920-2002 died of Leukemia -obtained his phd _ u of Minnesota 1945 and then was a faculty member there -Strong interest in psychometrics (test development) 1962 – President of the American Psychological Association – Great titles for articles – Why I never attend case conferences? Meehl’s predictions – factors that will remain important for abnormal psychology -psychometrics -Applied Learning theory -Behaviour Genetics -Descriptive clinical psychiatry -Psychodynamic Theory Goals of Classification: -Basis for communication -Information retrieval -descriptive system -Make predictions -Source of concepts within scientific theory Classification is limited by unreliability what are sources of inconsistencies? -Subject (person) variance – different conditions at different times ** -Occasion variance – person is in different stages of same condition ** -Information variance – different sources of information -Observation Variance – inter-rater reliability -Criterion variance – due to vagueness of classification system. Validity – Reasons for making diagnoses? -Predictive validity – useful because people diagnosed with classified condition respond to particular treatments. -Concurrent validity – useful because people with diagnosed condition have other attributions not used in diagnosis itself -Etiological validity – useful because all people with diagnosed condition are found to have the same cause. Differences between psychiatry and psychology in views
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