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abnormal psychololgy personality disorder lecture notes.docx

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PSYC 3140
Ardeshir Noordeh

ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Abnormal Personality Lecture NotesTodays Psychological Disorder CategoriesParanoid Personality Disorder paranoid mistrusting of others Mo mar Gadhafi Jimmy Jones more men then womenunfounded ways of thinking Schizoid reculsiveloners appear dull or humourous because they dont show emotion Shyzotypal odd eccentric noticeable going through trash weird clothing may distrust otherspeculiar beliefs responds inappropriately to social cues Antisocial psychopathsmore males have then females exception is Karla Halmokaperceive situationsrelate to others in a dysfunctional and destruvtive wayno regard for right and wrongcallosous indifferenceoften in trouble with law no guilt etc Borderlineusually female significant emotional instability distorted image of self feel worthless Histrionicusually femalehistoronic means dramatic or theatrical emotionally intsenseunstable distorted self image Needs to be center of attentionNarcissistic male or female center stage people inflated sense of their importance deep need for admiration lack empathy for othersfeel superiorunderneath very fragile self esteem Avoidanteither sex do not want to be around people extreme social inihbiition inadequacy and sensitivity to criticisms of others Dependent either sex emotionally dependent on others spend a great deal of time trying to please others needy clingy behavior fear of separation from others Obsessive Compulsiveobsessive over their personalityVideo on Psychopaths anti social most are not criminals or in prison dangerous without conscious and all around us Harm can be deeply damaging and costly for work family etc abandon spouses andfamilies etcIn prison they have been studied and they may engage in ALL kinds of crimesIn work place they destroy the working environment because always interested in themselvesHeart beat and GSR are not differentiated when normal and when doing a harmful act Some children develop because do not have proper attachment They have attachment disorders do not have ability to feel
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