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April 1st Lecture - Childhood disorders chapter 15.docx

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

stApril 1 2014Lecture 12 Child Disorders Final ExamthTues April 8 9am for 2 hoursAccolade West room 109100 questions 50 questions from chapters 13 15 and 17 Chapter 2 pages 4058 and lectures on personality disorders child disorders and interventions 50 questions from other lectures not first three and others besides chapters 1 3 5 7 Focuses on stress addictions schizophrenia MMPI anything that was focused on heavily No Text boxesclass was only until 345Disorders of ChildhoodWhat makes childhood and adolescence such a unique time of lifeoIts a time of development and growth and changesoChanges in all areas language cognitive pubertal maturation rapid physical growth increasing autonomy sexual activity development of selfregulation moral developmentSome childhood disorders disappear or look very different by adulthood Ie Elimination disorders enuresis and encopresis wetting or soiling selvesSome childhood disorders begin in utero or childhood and persist in stable forms into adulthood ie intellectual disabilities autism Some childhood disorders have adult counterparts or look similar in adulthood ie childhood anxiety and childhood depressionOvercontrolled Internalizing DisordersChildhood DepressionoIntense dysphoric mood cry easilyoIrritabilityoDisturbed eating sleeping patterns
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