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Lecture 6

AbPsych - Lecture 6- eating disorder.doc

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Abnormal Psychology11 February 2014Lecture 6 people who are important in the fieldand what they have contributed testEating Disorders3 of women will have an eating disorder in their lifetimeprevalence among females 70 of women are on a diet8090 if women dislike the shape or size of their bodies50 of hs girls and 20 of hs boys are on a diet or want to lost the weight80 of 10 year old girls are on a diet 50of 9 year olds are on a dietsome young girls report being more afraid of becoming fat than they are of cancer losing a parent Body Mass Index BMIBMI is a score that is calculated based on a persons weight and heigh It is used to estimate body fatAnorexia Nervosa ANAnorexiaphysiologicaldecreased appetite NervosapsychologicalcausationDSM5 Criteriarefusal to maintain body weight BMI 175 Now specifies restriction of intake that results in significantly low body weightintense dear of gaining weight o becoming fat even though underweightDisturbance in the way in which ones weightshape is experienced OR undue influence of weightshape on selfevaluation OR lacks recognition of seriousness of low body weightChanges from DSM 4 R Amenorrhea is no longer a criteria absence of at least 3 consecutive menstrual cyclesRestricting subtype ANRthe person has not regularly engaged in bingeeating or purging behaviourBingeeatingpurging type ANBP the person has regularly engaged in bingeeating or purging behaviourBulimia Nervosa BNDSM 5 recurrent episodes of binge eatingrecurrent inappropriate compensatory behavior in order to prevent weight gainthe binge eating and compensatory behaviours both occur on average at least once per week for 3 monthsnormal weightselfevaluation is unduly influenced by body shapeweightEating DisorderNot Otherwise Specified EDNOS category was eliminated from DSM 5
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