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March 18th Lecture- personality disorder.docx

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

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Lecture 10 Personality DisordersMarch 18 2014after third midterm testFinal exam 9am 2hours 100 questions 50 questions from chapters 1315 17 and lecture on personality disorder child disorders and interventions 50 question from other lecture and chapters not chapter 1 2 5 Location at Accolade west ACW Room 109Differing ViewsPsychiatristsPsychologistsCategorical Approach Dimensional Approach Personality Disorder Personality Dimensionfrom shy to extrovertedCategories You label it into a category as if it was a disease A disordered personality personalities gone wrongPersonalityDr John LivesleyDefinition of normal personalityStable and coherent view of self and othersCapacity for intimacy and affiliationFunction a adaptively in society with prosocial behaviours to give not only in self interestPersonality Disorders reflect a failure to adapt to lifes tasks Considers dimensionsAdaptive inflexibility if you dont have these traits that are the same in situations you have to be able to manage situations differently Ie If youre outgoing you need to know when to be quiet when youre in a quiet environmentVicious circles ie when one is quiet another will be quieter and the other will also keep quiet and itll be a vicious circle since the other wont act on behaviourPsychodynamic view kind of ego defense style gives clues to kind of personality disturbance Trait view Hans Eysenck Looks at dimensions of personality
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