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Lecture Feb 11 -eating disorders.docx

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

ABNORMAL LEC 6February 11 2014MidtermCh 67891050 Questions multiple choice Know people in textbook Eating Disorders and Mood Disorders 3 of women will have an eating disorder in their lifetime Prevalence among female athletes is even higher70 of women on diets 8090of women dislike the shape or size of their bodies 50 of HS girls and 20 of HS boys are on a diet or want to lose weight 80 of 10 year olds are on a diet 50 of 9 year olds are on a diet Some young girls report being more afraid of becoming fat than they are of cancer BMIBody mass indexBody mass index is a score that is calculated based on a persons weight and height It is used to estimate body fat Cut off score 175underweight Anorexia Nervosa ANDefinitionAnorexia physiologicaldecrease appetite Nervosapsychologicalcausation Loss of appetite DSM5 Criteria oRefusal to maintain body weight previously defined as 85 of expected weight or BMI175 Now specified restrictions of intake that results in significantly low body weight oPsychological aspect Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat even thought underweight oDisturbance in the way which ones weightshape is experienced OR undue influence of weight shape oneself evaluation OR lacks recognition of seriousness of low body weight Restricting subtype ANR oBasic anorexia
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