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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 of Abnormal Psyc

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

If I need to miss an exam contact goldberg and ashley miles In the movie of who cares the parents did not really have much of a say in the review board they were concerned but werent able to discuss it Review of the movieSymptoms of psychosis in the movie thought broadcasting Ideas of reference Auditory hallucinationsParanoid delusions Transinstitutionalization efforts to protect the rights of the mentally ill can unfortunatelyresult at times in ind being incarcerated in jails instead of getting the help they need in a psychiatric hospital Case vignette Teen women is admitted to hospital for a court ordered assessment of 30 days History of the teen had troubleabsent from school clinicians heard she ran away from home was impulsive issue to bring her to hospital was that she was living in a foster home had taken a lamp and hit her foster mother over the head with it the lady got a concussionShe was a smoker but in the hospital you are not able to carry around the smokes they are allowed to smoke at 300 Incident before 230 she asks for her cigarettes and gets denied she creates a tantrum bc she didnt get the cigarettes and made a wide disturbance Acting out behavior which is acting out an underlying problem sign of something underneath Dr Paul Meehl said that anyone could act the same way under those circumstances Dangers of labeling
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