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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 of Abnormal Psyc

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

First midterm test next week One hour About 50 MC One third lecture textbook and 13 from both Ch 1 2 34 Study tips will be sent on moodle by Monday There will be questions from different questions from the boxes in the textbooks include the ppl and figureboxes Clinical assessment Definition the process by which clinicians gain understanding of the individual necessary for making informed decisions Referral questions reasons for testing Diagnosis isadore robson says that asking a good question can bring out what you are looking for in a person if someone is showing textbook syndromes that isnt such a good referral for assessment a better referral is for something that is more complicated To plan or guide treatment To provide baseline information before treatment how depressed someone is at a certain pt and after a course in treatment they can undergo another assessment and see how they are feeling now To evaluate the persons status after interventiontreatment To predict future behavior prognosis What are kinds of assessment techniques1Ask the person himherself interview need to be a good listener and asking some openended questions 2Ask someone who knows the person happens mostly frequently w children when you ask parents or teachers
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