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Abnormal Psych Ch 6

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Stress Disorders and Health Psychology Ch 6 Cousins the first person to determine that laughter and ve emotion can be used to speed physiological and psychological problems Stress is an experience that perceives to endanger our physical or psychological wellbeing oA stressor an event that causes the stress stress response is ones rxn to the stressIf an event is uncontrollable unpredictability people felt they can never relax in an unpredictable event known as safety signal hypothesis and ANY change which requires a readjustment ve or ve can elicit more stress61 Physiological Responses to StressThe hypothalamus creates activations in the autonomic nervous system and the adrenalcortical system when we face a stressor The autonomic nervous system sympathetic system increases heart rate and elevates blood pressure release norepinephrine Adrenalcortical system releases corticotropin release factor which then releases ACTH the bodies major stress hormone ACTH then releases cortisol The fight or flight response cannot work on stressors which are chronic and chronic stressors can be very damaging to the body General adaptation syndrome Selye phases that all organisms show when under stress 1 alarmbody triggers the SNSystem fight or flight 2 resistanceeither fight or flight 3 exhaustionif unable to fight or flight person will deplete physiological resources trying to decrease the threat Prolonged stresses can cause enlarged adrenal glands shrunken lymph nodes and stomach ulcers Women can engage in tend or befriend instead of fight or flight bc of evolutionary causes stress can affect genders differently based on this Health Psychology Health psyc investigates the effects of stress and other psychological factors on physical illness they study how certain personalitybehavioral patterns can effect physical illness and also if changing ones psychology can effect their physical illnesses decrease including ve emotions or stressreduction techniques There are 3 models to the ways that psychological factors can influence physical disease oDirect effects model the idea that psychological factors personality or stressful experiences directly change physiology of the body which then cause disease oInteractive model people who have a biological vulnerability to a disease and interact with a psychological stressor will get the disease oIndirect effects model psychological factors only affect disease by whether ppl will engage in health promoting behaviors ppl with certain personalities are less prone to engage in healthy behavior or using laughter to influence health related behaviors
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